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1.     Know about Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ

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Know about Salesforce  Certified Industries CPQ

The Industries CPQ certification is designed for individuals who have experience implementing the Industries CPQ solution. Certifications related to CPQ might be offered by software vendors, consulting firms, or professional organizations that specialize in this field. 

These certifications are designed to validate individuals' expertise and knowledge in using CPQ systems effectively. Such certifications can be beneficial for professionals working in sales, sales operations, and product management roles, as well as for consultants and developers who implement CPQ solutions.

                                        Ideal Candidate for Industries CPQ Developer exam

The Industries CPQ Developer certification is meant for individuals with experience of developing enterprise CPQ functionality for Communications, Media, and Energy & Utilities Cloud implementations. This certification will be helpful if you are working for a large integration partner with clients in one of the above industries. 

The concepts covered in this certification will ensure you are well-versed in the configurations used to create customized industry-specific CPQ solutions

Developers, app builders, architects, and support engineers working with and implementing enterprise-level configure, price, quote solutions using Industries CPQ would also benefit from having this certification.

Enhance your understanding on how to prepare for the certification

Preparing yourself for the certification needs a deeper understanding of the concepts outlined below. Let’s delve into each category one by one.

CPQ Platform:  The Industries Configure Price Quote (CPQ) platform is a software solution designed to streamline the sales process for complex and customizable products or services. It's especially useful for industries where products require configuration, pricing and quoting involving multiple variables. The main functionality of CPQ revolves around guiding sales representatives and customers through the process of configuring products, determining accurate pricing, and generating quotes in an efficient and accurate manner.

An "Out Of The Box" solution is ready to use immediately after installation, but someone can often customize it to better fit the specific needs of an organization."Localization" in software refers to the process of adapting a product or application to a specific locale or region.

Bundle Configurations:  Bundles are collections of products, services, or options that are grouped together and offered as a single unit to customers. They can help simplify the sales process by offering predefined combinations of products that are commonly purchased together.

Pricing: Certainly, understanding pricing concepts is crucial for Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce.Pricing elements refer to the components that contribute to the overall cost of a product. These can include manufacturing costs, material costs, labor costs, overhead, and profit margins. Pricing variables are factors that affect the final price, such as discounts, promotions, quantity ordered, and customer-specific pricing agreements.

Price lists are collections of price list entries that define the prices for products or services.Bundled pricing involves offering products or services together as a package at a discounted price compared to purchasing the items individually.

Quote Templates: Setting up Quote Templates is a fundamental skill for Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce. Quote Templates allow you to create standardized and professional-looking quotes that align with your business's branding and communication style.

Product Selection: Certainly, enabling effective product selection and configuration is crucial for Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce. Using features like Search Filters, Field Sets, and Custom Actions can significantly enhance the user experience and streamline the configuration process.

During the Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce, you'll need to demonstrate your ability to enable efficient and accurate product selection and configuration. This involves using Search Filters to simplify product searches, configuring Field Sets to display relevant information, and creating Custom Actions to facilitate specific tasks.

Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals: Understanding how to generate orders, contracts, amendments, and renewals is a key component of the Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce. These processes are integral to the post-sales phase and involve managing ongoing customer relationships and product life cycles.

Products:  Products are the primary building block of CPQ solutions–hence the large allocation of questions. You will need to know how to configure a product and product bundles, including product details, structure, and attributes. Object-type hierarchies are also included in this section.You’ll want to ensure you are familiar with how to configure product structure to enforce minimum, maximum, and default cardinality.They will test you on how to add attributes to products and the inheritance model of object type hierarchies.

Approvals: Setting up approvals is a significant aspect of the Industries CPQ certification in Salesforce. Approvals ensure that certain actions or processes within the CPQ platform adhere to predefined business rules and authorization protocols.Before setting up approvals, gain a clear understanding of the specific business processes that require approval. Identify the scenarios where approval is necessary, such as discounts exceeding a certain threshold or custom product configurations.

Everything else you need to know

Empower yourself to be a CPQ Expert

CPQ Techno Hive is a Community Cohort designed to provide comprehensive discussion on Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software solutions. This Cohort is ideal for professionals who want to enhance their expertise in CPQ and become trailblazers in the industry.

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